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Best-selling Beef

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Stock up your freezer this month on some delicious Barber's Farms Ground Beef

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How are we different from other meat companies?

Barbers is a family owned, Colorado-based business. We know the people who produce our products. Unlike large retailers and other home delivery companies, we don’t hide behind our label. You will find that our prices are far more affordable for the same high-quality products. 

We only source from family farms who are committed to sustainable and humane practices and are proud to serve their products to our own family and friends.

The Family farms we source from

Since 1949 Barber's has been raising poultry and bringing the best quality meats to families

"Families Feeding Families"

Trust us to provide your family with only best quality meats, raised by people we know.

Colorado...we've been providing you with the highest quality meas since 1949. Thank you for your support and buisness for 71 years!