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Eggy Rice - Comfort food for our Marketing Guru

Jo Bloom’s Eggy Rice Breakfast

When Director of Marketing Johanna Bloom (Jo) was a wee little lass she would frequently have sleepovers with her best friend Nikki. Having late night gab sessions wasn’t the sole motivation for Jo however.

“I loved hanging out with my best friend, but a close second was how much I loved eating meals with Nikki’s family,” said Jo.

Nikki’s mother, Christina, was born in the Philippines and incorporated a wide array of flavors and spices that Jo found exhilarating. 

“Growing up at home my family usually had delicious meals, but they were delicious with an American flavor. Eating with Nikki’s family was just a completely different experience.  The food was savory and tangy in a way that I hadn’t really experienced before. It just seemed like everything they ate was simple and delicious,” Jo said.

One of the dishes that Christina would make for Nikki and Jo was a simple yet elegant breakfast affectionately coined Eggy Rice.

“I don’t know if they called it that or if it's a name I gave it. There is probably a proper name for the dish but in my mind it will always be Eggy Rice,” Jo said.

Eggy Rice is pretty much what it sounds like. A bowl with a serving of rice, adorned by a soft cooked egg (sunny side up, over easy, poached) garnished with a splash of soy sauce, ketchup, or for the brave, sriracha. Over time Jo has begun garnishing her Eggy Rice with Beeler’s Hickory Smoked Bacon.

“The Beeler’s Bacon just gives you a little smoky flavor on top of the salty that plays really well with the soy sauce and egg yolk. I guess it’s probably my attempt to marry my family's breakfast of bacon and eggs with my second family’s breakfast of Eggy Rice. To me, this is my comfort food,” said Jo. 

Below you will find the steps to make Eggy Rice just the way Christina and Jo would.  Add your own touch with some Turkey Breakfast Sausage, or Beeler’s Apple Cranberry Lil Bites


Jo Bloom Style Eggy Rice:

This recipe calls for the following ingredients:

  1. Barber’s Enriched Long Grain White Rice
  2. Beeler’s Hickory Smoked Thick Cut Bacon
  3. Eggs (we use our chicken’s eggs, but if you’re fresh out of hens give these eggs a try, they’re really great quality.)
  4. Soy Sauce
  5. Ketchup for Garnish
  6. Fish Sauce (optional)
  7. Sriracha (optional)

You will also need the following kitchen items:

  1. Rice Cooker (we find a rice cooker is the easiest way to cook rice, but if you only have a pot and lid that’ll work just watch this video excerpt on stovetop rice cooking.
  2. A cookie sheet for oven baked bacon.
  3. Measuring cups

Step 1 - Begin by rinsing your rice. The milling process that removes the husk of freshly harvested rice leaves behind a fine powder that hinders the ability of the rice to stick together better. By rinsing the rice it will cook slightly faster, and will result in a stickier, arguably tastier final product. Your rice is adequately rinsed when you can add water to the rice in the cooker and the water isn’t very cloudy. In this recipe we use 1 cup rice to 2 cups water.

Step 2 - With our washed rice in the cooker close the lid and set your cooker to the white rice setting.

Step 3 - With the rice starting to cook grab your cookie sheet and bacon. Lay the bacon out on the cookie sheet in alternating fashion as shown below:

Laying the bacon like this allows the fat to cook the meat of the bacon evenly and will prevent shriveling. With your bacon laid out place it in to your oven.

Step 4 - With your bacon in the oven set the bake function of your oven to 400 degrees. By placing the bacon in the oven before its at 400 the fat will render out of the bacon. By the time both oven and fat reach 400 degrees the meat has started slow cooking and will then start to crisp the bacon meat while at the same time cooking off any fat that could have turned into gristle. 

Step 5 - By now your rice cooker is steaming away. 

You are now just in a touch of a waiting game. Keep an eye on your rice cooker though, in this humble chef's experience when my rice cooker shows the 12 minute count down till the rice is done, the bacon is ready to be pulled from the oven. 

Step 6 - With the bacon pulled from the oven you'll notice a fair amount of bacon fat has liquefied in the cookie sheet. Your instinct might be to throw this out, but may I suggest to you that it is the perfect substance to fry an egg in! With care not to spill the baked bacon pour the drippings into your egg pan.

Step 7 - Now we're really starting to get busy! Surely the rice cooker is close to beeping at you. Quickly prep your bacon:


Fry your egg, in this case we're doing a sunny side up:
Bowl your freshly cooked rice and sprinkle with soy sauce to taste:

Top with your freshly cooked egg, ring with bacon, and garnish with ketchup/sriracha:

Viola! You've created a salty savory dish enjoyed for breakfast or any time of day really. Need proof? Have a look at Jo Bloom enjoying a bowl of Eggy Rice:

That big spoonful says a mouthful! We don't take bites of a dish like that unless we're eating something we really love. Try this recipe out yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section below!




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