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 We are a Colorado proud, family owned company based in Denver. Our goal is to bring you the highest-quality protein from family farms and businesses with complete transparency. We are proud partners of the below brands and will always leave their label on our proteins--that way, you know exactly where your meat comes from. 

Thank you for your business this past 71 years!

 Here are some of the family farms we are proud to work with.





























Thunder's Catch is owned and run by a couple who travels from the mainland to Alaska each year. They only catch salmon during the summer. These are some things that they say about their salmon..
More important and vital to our livelihood than the fish that we catch, are the fish that we don't catch.
Each summer, the tides in Bristol Bay, Alaska teem with wild salmon migrating upstream to spawn. From the open ocean, they churn upriver, and with an innate instinct, they swim even farther into the very lake from which they were born to lay their own eggs – completing the natural life cycle that is so beautiful and unique to wild salmon, and the ecosystem as a whole.
Sustainability in seafood means that a fishery can exist for the long-haul without over-fishing, habitat damage, pollution, or any other compromise to the other marine plants and animals, nor the environment and ecosystem as a whole.
  • If it’s Alaskan, it’s sustainable: Fortunately, all Alaskan seafood is certified sustainable thanks to mandated programs that have been strictly monitored and rigidly enforced by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

  • Good governance: When Alaska became a state in 1959, Alaskans wrote sustainability into their Constitution – a promise ensuring that all Alaskan fisheries are sustainably managed. In Bristol Bay, Alaska, the past few years have seen record-breaking runs of sockeye salmon – testament to the resources, science-based research, and rules that all enforce sustainability.

Traceability is how restaurants, supermarkets, and direct consumers know that the Alaskan seafood they are purchasing is sustainable. It’s the ability to follow the movement of a fish through specified stages of harvest, processing, and distribution – even traceable to the gear type used and standards of quality that were upheld during harvest.
Thunder’s Catch wild Alaskan Sockeye and King Salmon, sold to our devoted customers at the farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and restaurants know that our Wild Alaskan Sockeye and King salmon are MSC Certified Sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. We deliver a traceable product in a condition that most closely resembles the salmon as they first come out of the water. Unlike many of our competition’s fishing boats, our fishing fleet chills the fish at the point of harvest. We use temperature probes in our fish holds. We float and bleed our fish onboard. We use mats and salmon slides to prevent bruising, and we aim to offer the highest quality salmon possible.
We are proud to serve Thunder's Catch Salmon and know you'll agree that their salmon TRUMPS ever other!







Beeler's is a sixth generation family farm located in Iowa. They raise their animals naturally, kindly, and simply. The family has been raising hogs since before Iowa became a state!  Here are some things they say about their pork...
Not all pork is created equal. So how can we make such mouthwatering meat without any artificial enhancement? Enter the European “Red” Duroc. This breed of pig is simply superior, to begin with. With beautiful marbling, texture, and the perfect pH, it truly is the “perfect pig.” Combine that with years of meticulous genetic work, and you’re left with a natural lineage of superior pigs which produce a juicy, tender, and flavorful dining experience rivaled by none.
Raising all natural, antibiotic-free hogs. It just comes naturally to us. Not only do we have strict standards for the ingredients in our products, but we also uphold humane treatment of our pigs. We reject the use of gestation crates and let our pigs have space to roam free.
Give our label a read, and you’ll be able to pronounce every ingredient. We only produce wholesome products, devoid of questionable chemicals. In every Beeler’s product, you will never find the following:
  • Antibiotics
  • Growth promotants
  • Ractopamine (paylean)
  • No nitrites or nitrates added
  • MSG
  • Phosphates
  • Gluten
    We are proud to serve the Beeler's Brand and guarantee you will NEVER taste pork this good! 







    Frontiere Natural Meats is a Colorado, family owned and operated company. They have high standards for humane treatment of animals, and all their meat never EVER has hormones or antibiotics. They source cattle from Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.