Frontiere Bison Tenderloins

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For a millennia, the North American Bison was the sentinel of the continent. The Bison's abundance sustained the Native peoples, and curated America's ecosystem in ways science is only just beginning to understand. 

With this knowledge, Barber's is proud to be a part of the sustainable production of America's original ruminant. These bison are like us, from Colorado. This sets us apart from the other guys who import water buffalo from overseas and slap a "bison" label on it.

Barber's bison are robust and hearty, so they never need growth hormones or antibiotics to achieve their optimal stature.  Our harvesting practices ensure that this proud and majestic beast will be present on the plains for another millennia.  

Here is what's in the box:


24-28 oz bone-in bison ribeyes(price is based off an average of 26 oz per ribeye)

4 per case